Statements are transmitted every year to our members to inform them regularly about what takes place.

1995 to 2004
Water quality analysis made by Bio Services Inc.
Raking the bottom of the lake by our voluntary divers. Some objects were removed as an ice drill.

A plasticized notice is distributed to the owners to announce the Association and the surveillance of the neighborhood.
Implementation of a sign upon the arrival to the lake on Chemin Milette, down the coast to demonstrate the surveillance.
An analysis is conducted by a consultant on the lake evolution. A copy was given to all members.


Trees were transplanted along the Chemin Milette in autumn 2002 and metal posts installed to protect them. Every year we proceed with their maintenance.


Every year, analysis of the water transparency by samples will be done in the deepest zone from June till October, following the protocol developed within the voluntary supervision of the lakes of the CRE Laurentian.


Cleaning of the brook at the outflow (zone A33 and G41); plantations on the Small Island and arrangement of its bank. The maintenance is done regularly.
A picnic table and a garbage container were installed for our members on the Big Island.

Posters « Bande riveraine au travail » are distributed to the local residents to remind the importance of the revitalization of banks and underline the efforts managed in this sense.

Self-adhesive signs were distributed to the members to identify their boats.

Our Association participates in a research program on the presence of phosphate in a one meter deep column of water also in the program "Lake voluntary surveillance network".


A plasticized document on the lakes environmental protection was distributed to our members.
Meeting of information for all the members of the Association with the cooperation of Mrs Mélissa Laniel, biologist and project manager from " Bleu Laurentides ".
A bathymetric statement is made on the lake by Émie Labonté and Jessie Pelchat, students from the University of Montreal in association with the laboratory of Dr Richard Carignan from the Laurentian biology station, University of Montreal.

Samples coming from brooks (1, 1A, and II) were taken and analyzed by the laboratory Bio-Services Inc.


A new committee was appointed to continue to protect the quality of our lake.
A new Web site was set up to allow our members to visualize any information with regard to our lake.

A corn party took place in August on the chemin Marr. With a magnificent temperature and numerous participants, the party was a success.


The municipality made checks of all the septic installations of the local residents of the lake shore. It was noticed that some people had to make changes in their installation. It was noticed than our lake was classified among one of the best of the region.


The municipality should continue the check of the septic installations of the owners of the second crown.

All the sections of the Web site were translated in English and a section "Members" was added. This section allows access on contents more pertinant for the residents of the lake.

A meeting of the members took place June 13th. The communique no 15 was given and was the main subject of discussion during this meeting. A copy is available in the new section "Members" of the web site.

The water transparency test with a Secchi disk are always made and the results are available in the section "Lake Quality Documentation" on this site