Who are we?


With the aim of maintaining the quality of our lake we formed volunteers' committee who will see to preserve and to improve the quality and the tranquillity of its environment by means of all members.

The quality of life and the value of our residences are associated with the quality of our lake.


The purpose of the Lac Argenté code of ethics for navigation and safety is to enjoy water sports, while ensuring that the quality of the lake's water is preserved as well as its calm and wild character. We present the most important points to you below.

1. Be courteous at all times.

2. Wave boats, personal watercraft and seadoo type boats are not welcome on the lake.

3. Avoid sudden starts of the motor boat in places where the water is shallow to avoid stirring up sediments and aquatic plants.

4. Always navigate minimizing waves (shore protection).

5. Limit your speed to less than 30 meters from the shore.

6. When buying or replacing an engine, give preference to four (4) stroke engines or the new technologies of certain two (2) stroke engines (less polluting than old two (2) stroke engines).

7. The boat license number, issued by the federal government, for boats equipped with a 9.9 engine or more, must be displayed on both sides of the boat, as well as the municipal sticker proving that your boat has been washed. The Association sticker must also be affixed for all those who are members of the Association of residents of Lac Argenté.

8. All motorized or non-motorized boats: kayak, padel board, canoe, pedal boat, windsurfing board, must have been washed at the municipality and have its municipal sticker to be on the lake.

9. Any boat, motorized or not, must be washed if it has been used in other waterways, even if it already has a sticker from the municipality.

10. Motorboats should keep away from swimmers.

11. Avoid water skiing or tubing pulled by a motorized boat after dark. Always wear a life jacket when water skiing.

12. Evening boat traffic must be in accordance with nautical regulations (traffic lights). Nautical safety rules are available on the internet at the following address: https://tc.canada.ca/en/marine-transportation/marine-safety/office-boating-safety

13. Cottage rental: The landlord must ensure that all tenants know the code of ethics and agree to abide by it.

14. It is recommended that swimmers swimming across the lake or moving away from the shores be clearly identifiable or accompanied by a boat.

15. The buoy: In the center of the lake, in its deepest part, there is a buoy that the Association uses to take samples of water for analysis. It should not be attached to it under any circumstances since it could move, which would have the effect of modifying the results of the samples.

16. Launching: To launch or exit the lake, you can contact Michel Côté at (450) 712-3102. The cost is 20$ and includes entry and exit.


We therefore ask everyone to see to respect the regulations to protect the shore and the coast of our lake.

Your committee