Regulation for local residents

Let's protect our shore!

The riparian strip, I am concerned about it!

The bank is a band from 10 to 15 meters (according to the slope) of natural vegetation which marks the transition between the land environment and the aquatic environment. By letting the nature make its work, these plants and trees will make a natural barrier against the erosion and will protect the bank against the action of waves and ices. On no account, it can be completely deforested then covered with an artificial cover. It serves as shade and protects from the reheating, filters and reduces the speed of sediments and nutriments brought by the streaming and favors the infiltration of water in the ground.

The coast is a band which extends from the bank towards the center of the lake. These little deep waters abound in a fauna and in a flora very rich. It must be left as natural as possible.

The bank and the little deep part of the litoral constitute the lungs of your lake; protect them!

Guide du riverain 2016 (French)Guide du riverain 2016 (French)

Environnement -La santé de nos lacs (French)Environnement -La santé de nos lacs (French)


Septical installations:

Waste water untreated or handled in an inadequate way and poured in plans of water is considered as a source of pollution and eutrophication of the aquatic circles. They are a major source of phosphor.

The local residents are thus responsible for making sure that their septic installation does not pollute the environment or does not constitute a nuisance.

These links will redirect you to guides which will allow you to understand better the installation, the functioning, the maintenance and the use of your septic installation, as well as the responsibilities and the regulations which concern its use:

Regulation on the evacuation and the waste water treatment of the isolated residence:

Rules to be followed for boats:

The new regulation 2018-526 concerning protection and access to water bodies in the territory of Wentworth-Nord municipality is now in effect.

You MUST, before launching a boat, with or without motor, wash the boat and its accessories in a municipal washing station provided for this purpose or have an access permit issued by the municipality. Thumbnail obtained will be placed in a visible location on the boat (one per boat).

Remember that all this is in order to maintain the water quality of our lakes and to prevent the spread of invasive species from one lake to another by transferring a boat (canoe, motor boat, pedalo, kayak, windsurfing board, etc.).

If your boat never circulates in another body of water you need to avail yourself of a washing exemption by completing the access permit form (one per boat).

We rely on you to adopt best practices and thus protect our lake.

Protection and acces to waterProtection and acces to water

Access permitAccess permit

Also we ask to respect the speed and by the fact our banks. Use only 4 cycles engine or electric motor on your boat. Do not forget to indicate the suspiscious comings and goings to the police, besides informing a person in charge in the Association.

Invasive exotic species, 5 stages to protect our lake:

All operators of recreational powered watercraft in Canada regardless of age, engine horsepower or length of boat needs a card: